Cedar Valley has a great heritage and culture of agriculture, and agriculture is of great economic value to the Cedar Valley community as well.

However, as the largest water user in the valley, there must be a lot of focus on water efficiency and conservation in agriculture. Because of this, CICWCD has put a lot of effort on helping farmers save water.

In 2018, the CICWCD, along with the help of Evan Vickers and John Westwood, acquired $220,000 from the legislature to convert traditional center pivot nozzles to high efficiency LESA/LEPA nozzles. Approximately 1776 acres were converted to the high efficiency nozzles through this grant.

Traditional sprinkler and pivot systems are about 60-80% effective, but those that use LESA/LEPA attachments can achieve 95% efficiency. It is believed that using LESA/LEPA to convert to more efficient irrigation practices will save an estimated 20-30% of the agricultural water in our aquifer.