Philip Gardner – Hydrologist
United States Geological Survey

Philip has worked as a hydrologist with the US Geological Survey since 2001 and currently is the Groundwater Specialist at the Nevada Water Science Center in Carson City, NV. Much of his work is focused on the development of conceptual and numerical models of hydrologic systems and groundwater-surface water interaction throughout the eastern Great Basin and Colorado Plateau. He has authored multiple reports involving ground-water among the Great Basin Carbonate and Alluvial Aquifer Systems similar to Cedar Valley. Here is a list of a few:

Hugh Hurlow – Senor Hydrologist
Utah Geological Survey

Hugh Hurlow is a hydrogeologist and the Program Manager for the Groundwater Program at the Utah Geological Survey, joining the Survey in 1995. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Washington (1992), a M.S. from the University of Wyoming (1987), and a Sc.B. from Brown University (1984), all in geological sciences. He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Montana for two years prior to moving to Utah. Hugh’s first UGS project was a hydrogeologic study of the St. George–Kanarraville area in southwestern Utah. Other significant projects include studying the hydrogeologic framework and establishing a regional groundwater monitoring network in Snake Valley and adjacent areas in west-central Utah; hydrogeologic setting of springs in eastern Arches National Park; and work in progress to study the hydrologic effects of large-scale environmental restoration of sage-steppe ecosystems. Awards include the UGS Crawford Award for outstanding UGS publications for his 2014 Snake Valley and 2008 Curlew Valley hydrogeologic reports (UGS Bulletin 135 and Special Study 126, respectively).

Kerry Carpenter, PE
South West Regional Engineer (Retired)
Utah Division of Water Rights

Kerry Carpenter – Spent over 30 years as a Professional Engineer for the Utah Division of Water Rights. He spent a majority of his time as the Southwest ​area Engineer and  finished his career with the State as the Enforcement Officer over Water Rights. He currently works as a water rights consultant with his daughter, Jamie, at Carpenter Law. Kerry looked at the projects with a legal view of water rights.

Russell Barrus, PE
Cedar / Beaver River Basin Specialist
Utah Division of Water Resources

Russell is the Cedar / Beaver River Basin specialist for the Division and also the “back up” or “second” for the Kanab / Virgin River Basin.  As such, he is quite familiar with water happenings in both basins.  Russell received his bachelors as a Civil Engineer from BYU (1992), and has been with the Division of Water Resources for 18 years (since 2002). As a planner for the River Basin Planning section of the Division of Water Resources, Russell, is currently working on an update to the Utah State Water Plan, –due to be published summer (2020).  He has written portions of several River Basin Plans (eleven basins across the state) and many special studies covering; water reuse, reservoir sedimentation, and municipal water auditing and leak detection, etc.  

Russell Hadley, PE
Project Manager
Utah Division of Water Resources

Russell Hadley is a Licensed Professional Engineer.  He graduated from the University of Utah in Civil Engineering and has worked as a project manager for the state Division of Water Resources since 1990.  Hadley, has worked on the construction and funding of various water projects across the state including numerous projects in and around Iron County.

Dan Aubrey, PG
Senior Geologist (Retired)
Utah Division of Water Resources

Dan Aubrey is a Licensed Professional Geologist.  He served with the Division of Water Resources for 33+ years.  Much of his time was spent helping to develop groundwater resources through-out the state (well drilling, spring development).  He authored studies on topics ranging from groundwater resource assessment and development to the potential for implementing Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) projects in depletion impacted basins, including multiple groundwater basins in Iron County, Utah.