In 2006, the District filed on water rights in Pine Valley, northwest of Cedar City in Water Right Basin 14, a basin that had been virtually unappropriated over the past 150+ years.

The conversation of finding new sources of water is not new. Western States have continually extended their reach to supply water to the people. We are proud of the collaboration wherein a water right settlement agreement was developed between the State Engineer, Beaver County Commission, SITLA and the District. The settlement and 15,000 acre-feet of Pine Valley water rights for the District were court decreed in 2019.

The Pine Valley Water Supply (PVWS) Project is designed with acute attention to possible environmental impacts. It is currently in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process with the BLM. It is first of its kind, being powered by a fully renewable solar power generation system that will be located on a section of land owned by the District. When the sun is shining water will be pumped up to a large tank where it will be stored and then transported by gravity to Cedar Valley.

The Pine Valley (Basin 14) Water Supply Project is a resilient water solution for Cedar Valley in Iron County. It will sustainably supply the valley with 15,000 acre-feet(AF) of court decreed water rights owned by the District. This new source will help restore aquifer levels that have been declining, and provide safe and reliable water for the future.