Environmental Benefits

The PVWS is designed with detailed attention to possible environmental impacts. The District is committed to ensuring that it is environmentally sound, so it can provide a sustainable source of water for the future of Cedar Valley. Some of the environmental benefits include:

  • Powered by a fully-renewable solar power system
  • Water for sage grouse habitat areas
  • Supplemental water for other wildlife

Cedar Valley will also see environmental benefits through the restoration of aquifer levels in an area that has seen extensive groundwater decline.

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Increased Water Reliability

The project will provide 15,000 acre-feet of water to the Cedar Valley, helping provide water for current residents and future generations.

Water for Current & Future Generations

When the first pioneer settlers came to Iron County, the waters of Coal Creek and a few springs made forging their community possible, but as the city was affected by growing populations, leaders had to reach further and further for needed water.

Following the history of our forbearers, the District is planning again to develop a new water source. Additional water from Pine Valley (basin 14) will help restore our aquifer levels, provide safe and reliable drinking water, and ensure there is a future for our children, not only to grow up and leave, but to remain here and thrive.

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Economic Benefits

The availability of a reliable water supply is critical to sustaining the economy and supporting a diverse base of employers and employees in Cedar Valley.

Construction of the project will also bring jobs to the area.