Efforts to import 15,000 acre-feet from the Pine Valley, northwest of Cedar City, are currently in the early planning stages. 

The PVWS Project is currently in the Environmental Impact Statement process with the Bureau of Land Management.

*Please note that this a tentative timeline, and shows the “best-case scenario”. Ultimately, it will be up to city/county leaders and our community to decide when the water is needed and when/if they approve the construction.


The PVWS Project is a proposed 66-mile water delivery system that begins at well sites in Pine Valley, northwest of Cedar City, Utah. It would then arrive in the Cedar Valley, near Iron Springs Road, where it would be distributed to the Cedar City, Enoch City & the surrounding communities.


The PVWS project plans include the following facilities/infrastructure:

  • 15 production wells
  • 8 monitoring wells (existing)
  • 66.3 miles of water pipeline (will vary in size between 16-54 inch diameter)
  • 12 miles of powerlines
  • 200-acre solar field located on District land for clean power generation
  • Approx. 9 miles of access roads along waterline route