​​​​​​Quichapa Recharge Project

  • ​​​2006: CICWCD filed an aquifer recharge application with the State Engineer 
  • After the discovery of fissures in Enoch, UGS was contracted by CICWCD to establish an updated estimate of water supply and demand within the Cedar Valley Basin
  • 2014: UGS published the study stating that there is a deficit of 9,100 acre feet from the Cedar Valley Aquifer​ each year
  • Quichapa Lake was ruled out as a collection facility (to hold water and later pump water directly from the lake to a recharge area) because the total dissolved​ solids (TDS) was too high to recharge-water reaching Quichapa Lake becomes too contaminated
  • October 2015: The application was approved allowing the District to recharge up to 20,000 acre feet per year from Coal Creek​ ​
  • March 2016: CICWCD held a key stakeholders meeting to discuss alternatives for recharge projects
  • October 2016: CICWCD received a $100,000 grant from the local Enterprise and Iron Conservation District which is under the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to help construct the diversion structure.
  • October 2016: CICWCD​ filed an application for a groundwater recharge permit​​
  • January 2017: The permit for groundwater recharge was approved 
  • January 2017: CICWCD, in conjunction with Cedar City, Iron County, and local property owners, broke ground on the Quichapa Recharge Project 
Construction of Quichapa Recharge Site. January 2017. Photo by Paul Monroe​