Smart Controller Rebates

Recieve a rebate for 50 percent of your cost (up to $150) when you purchase an eligible WaterSense smart controller. Smart controllers reduce water waste by automatically adjusting how often and how long a landscape is watered based on local weather and landscape conditions. 

What is a Smart Controller?

A smart controller is a device that can adapt your watering schedule based on your weather and landscape needs. In times of wind and rain your irrigation system will be shut off automatically. 

Why should I install a Smart Controller?

By installing a smart controller your yard will only be watered when it actually needs it. WaterSmart estimates that up to 8800 gallons of water could be saved annually by replacing standard controllers with smart controllers. 


Apply for a smart controller rebate by following the link below and creating a Utah Water Savers account.

If you are having any technical issues with the rebate process please contact Utah Water Savers. For all other questions please contact the CICWCD at 435-865-9901.