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Outdoor Conservation Tips

If each person can implement a single water-wise principle, we can collectively work our way to significant water savings. If we each save a little, we’ll all save a lot. Slow the Flow: Save H2O.

  1. Remove lawn and replace it with with water wise plants
  2. Adjust your watering schedule to the season
  3. Turn off your irrigation and sprinkler systems if it is windy or raining
  4. Look for the yellow water-wise tag when you buy plants
  5. Group plants with similar water needs together
  6. Cover pools or hot tubs to avoid evaporation
  7. Start with a small area of your landscaping and make it water-wise
  8. Raise your lawn-mower to a cutting level of 3″: Longer grass leads to a healthier root system
  9. Regularly monitor your sprinkler system to check for:
    • Malfunctioning valves
    • Broken sprinkler heads or pipes
    • Water spraying sidewalks or driveways
    • Inefficient watering patterns
  10. Water brown spots in the lawn by hand, rather than turning on the entire system
  11. Don’t water your lawn everyday, only when it needs it. No more than 3 times a week!
  12. Don’t water during the heat of the day, or between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.