What is the Pine Valley Water Supply Project?

The Pine Valley Water Supply Project (PVWS) is a proposed 66-mile (16 to 54-inches in diameter) water delivery pipeline that begins at the well sites in Pine Valley and follow the existing Pine Valley Road until it turns into the Mountain Spring Road. It will follow the Mountain Spring Road and head southeast to the Avon Road and then into Cedar Valley along the Iron Springs Road, and ends at the Highway 56 where the water would be stored and distributed to the communities within the Central Iron County, UT.

The pipeline would deliver up to 15,000 acre-feet of water annually from Pine Valley to the Cedar Valley Basin in southwest Utah. Central Iron County Water Conservancy District proposes building the PVWS in order to bring a second source of water to Central Iron County in Utah to meet future water demands, diversify the regional water supply portfolio, and enhance the water supply reliability.

What is the Cedar Valley Water Budget? What is being done now?

According to the Utah Division of Water Rights, the Cedar Valley has a safe yield of 21,000 acre-ft-year (afy) and is currently pumped at 28,000 afy; a resounding 7,000 afy deficit.  This deficit has been on-going for decades causing subsidence and damage to the groundwater aquifer. In efforts to mitigate and resolve the water issues in Cedar Valley, the community is currently working to recharge the aquifer through artificial recharge projects and promoting/aiding conservation in the valley.

What is the history/purpose of the Pine Valley Water Supply Project?

In efforts to mitigate and resolve the water issues in Cedar Valley the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District is striving to follow the recommendations from a [1]UGS report to increase overall water resources by importing water from other basins, increase groundwater recharge to aquifers, disperse high-discharge wells to reduce land subsidence, and reduce overall groundwater withdrawals through conservation.

The purpose of the PVWS is to develop new well sources under water rights that have been acquired by District in Pine Valley (northwest of Cedar Valley) to benefit those within the District Boundaries and provide additional water supply that the existing aquifers within the Cedar Valley cannot support.

[1] Investigation of Land Subsidence and Earth Fissures in Cedar Valley Iron County: SS 150 Utah Geological Survey

Click the picture above for more timeline details. ***Please note that this a tentative timeline, and shows the “best-case scenario”. Ultimately, it is up to the community to decide when this water will be needed.